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About Us
Landco Sport And Musical co.,ltd

For over 40 years, Landco Sport & Musical Co., Ltd has been established as one of the most reliable partners with shops, schools, department stores, online platforms, and government agencies around the country. We are also a trusted supplier for the quality of goods and services to our customers in Thailand and abroad.

Our scope of business activities involve a distribution of products and services in 6 categories.
  1. Sports: goods, equipment for competition, and apparels
  2. Musical Instruments
  3. Traditional musical instruments
  4. Health and Fitness
  5. Outdoor gears and equipment
  6. Recreation and learning
   Our strengths in servicing our customers with a variety of brands and products under competitive prices and ready stocks have been serving us with steady growth for decades. We are always eager to offer our customers with differentiated products and services through either our own designs or from our trusted partners. Even though we do source certain products abroad, the majority of our sources are here in Thailand. We also have our own design team to help customers get their customised products done through either our own assembling line or our partners' production line.
At Landco we are far from a profit-driven-firm, as we do care about the future development of the up-coming generations. We have been giving away our products and funds to rural schools, charity foundations as well as sponsoring sport clubs and academies around Thailand every year. This has become our mission, as our earnings are derived from the products created for the well-being and learning process of our customers, and so we find it mostly appropriate to return something back to the society. Moreover, we value our staff no less than our customers and suppliers, and so we strive to improve ourselves repeatedly to exceed expectations.


   Our humble history began when Mr. Yingyong Artipanu started out in sporting industry since 1965. After 14 years of experience, a small trading partnership, Yingyong Sport, was founded in April, 1978. The partnership grew quickly as it was not only trading brands with low margin, but it also design and produce it's own sporting goods such as ratan balls. The range of the products and services were expanding quickly to cover from sporting goods, musical instruments, stationery items, camping gears, fitness equipment, to fishing tackles to customers all over the country.

Our mission is to add value and help building a strong society with good health for both mind and body with our proud and devoted products and services.

Landco's corporate culture (attitude + core belief) and code of conduct

The goal is to work with purpose and to develop an attitude and a core belief so everyone can enjoy the sunshine and learn to dance even in the rain.

2020 : 7 Values of the Rainbow
Accountable, Integrity, Teamwork, Proactive, Dynamic, Efficient, Proud

We conduct business with uncompromisimg dignity and honesty.

We contribute with positive energy to the changes of time, situations, and business environment in mind.

We contribute and focus on a high level of acheivement with minimal waste or expense. We would contrinue to strive to perform better with continuous improvement of ourselves and our systems.

We are accountable towards our works, our obligations, our customers, our colleagues, our suppliers, and our partners.

We take pride in our work, our company, our brands, our products, our service and our people. So, everyone would enjoy a better experience with us.

We would analyse and anticipate situations in advance, so that we would act early enough for either arising oppourtunites or potential issues.

We acheive our common goals through teamwork with trust and respect for individuals, colleagues, partners, and clients.

4 Pillars of Success

A. Create Landco Pride
--> Thailand Pride
--> Asian Pride
(for Product, Brand, Company, and People)
pertaining to distribution of products and services for well-beings, sport, and music as well as their learning enhancement.

B. Prof. in every Dpt.

C. Contribute to Society

D. SEA#1 for distribution of products and services for well-beings and education in sport, well-beings and music.

ISO Quality Policy

Domestic Distribution channel
  • Over 800 local shops, covering 77 provinces of Thailand.
  • Sports corners in department stores such as The Mall, Outlet Mall, Siam Paragon, BlúPort.
  • Online Platforms: websites, facebook, Lazada, Shopee.
  • Our music store can be found at Tone Wizard shop online.

Export markets
  1. Myanmar
  2. Cambodia
  3. Laos
  4. Bangladesh
  5. Sri Lanka
  6. Vietnam
  7. Malaysia
  8. Singapore
  9. Indonesia

Number of Employees
Approx. 150 - 200 Employees
Customer Care
Call Center
Tel : (+66)02-890-8434, (+66)02-890-8820
Fax : (+66)02-890-8580, (+66)02-890-8711
E-mail : landwin@landco-sportland.com
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