For over 30 years, Landco Sport & Musical Co., Ltd has been prominently established as one of the most reliable partners with shops, schools and government agencies around the country. We are also a trusted supplier for the quality of goods and services to our customers in Thailand and abroad.

Our strengths in sourcing, manufacturing, assembling, designing, administering and servicing our products, as well as the delivery of goods and services are renowned in all the industries we are involved eg. sporting industry, musical industry, and traditional Thai musical instrument industry, etc.

Mr. Yingyong Artipanu started out in sporting industry since 1965. After 14 years of experience, a small trading partnership, Yingyong Sport, was founded in April, 1978. The company conducted sourcing, assembling, manufacturing, and trading goods ranging from sporting goods, musical instruments, stationery items, camping items, fitness equipments, till fishing goods to customers all over the country.
Following up the success of Yingyong Sport, Mr. Yingyong realized the expansion was needed, and so Landco Sport & Musical Co., Ltd was established in year 1986. Our main focus has been on improving our distribution channels with better products and services together with attentive sales teams, hence happier customers who feel closer to us. We also offer competitive prices with a variety of brands of high quality, and a good level of buffered stock.

Since that April of 1978, the company has come a long way passing through one milestone after another. Mr. Yingyong decided to stop the stationery business, while also gave away the fishing goods' business to a relative firm to put more focus on the growing sporting goods and musical instruments businesses. Consequently, we have enjoyed a sustained period of growth as our products have been continuously improved and so warmly accepted from customers domestically and abroad.

At Landco we are far from a profit-driven-firm, as we do care about the future development of the up-coming generations. We have been giving away our products and funds to rural schools as well as charity foundations around the country, and abroad every year. This has become our mission, as our earnings are derived from the products that are created for the well-being and learning process of our customers, and so we find it mostly appropriate to return something back to the society.

  • Expand market share and grow steadily for both domestic market and international markets, especially South East Asian market under rainbow strategy.
  • Focus on products that promote well-beings, as well as learning processes.
  • Give back to the society as far as we could.


7 values of the Rainbow : Sustainable, Loyal, Flexible, Modern, Dynamic, Efficient, Responsible (CSR)

  • Over 800 local shops, covering 77 provinces of Thailand
  • Sports corners and musical instruments corners through The Mall Group (Mega chain store in Thailand)

  1. Myanmar
  2. Cambodia
  3. Laos
  4. Bangladesh
  5. Sri Lanka
  6. Vietnam
  7. Malaysia
  8. Singapore
  9. Indonesia

Tel : (+66)02-890-8434, (+66)02-890-8820
Fax : (+66)02-890-8580, (+66)02-890-8711
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